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You are a captive of the Most Dangerous Game. What measures has your captor taken to protect his new possession? ….In time, will he do unto you as he has to the others?

Whilst locked in a cage, surrounded by ornamental death in a foreboding private expo of aged wealth, you will find clues to escape each room, transporting you into progressively more skewed versions of your reality. Is it all another game for your captor, or is it your sanity that's being distorted?

To complete each level, you must unlock the door in each room with a key. The player must discover and solve a puzzle that involves the oddities in the captor's collection, and once each puzzle has been solved, the correct key will be revealed to unlock the next room.


Google Cardboard VR


Douglas Wong, Siheng Teng, Silvy Liu


Amarythne v1.3 70 MB
limboE-prod-v1.4.2.apk 73 MB

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Wow, this game has come a long way since you've started on this. I am really proud of you all. Makes me feel so glad to have met all of you so long ago.